Sing for Her

Commissioned by Hong Kong Museum of Art and 11th Shanghai Biennale

Supported by West Heavens


Hong Kong is a multicultural society. People of different origins - from Filipino domestic helpers to new immigrants from Mainland China, from African asylum seekers to descendants of Gurkha soldiers - live in this metropolis. However, many migrant workers and ethnic minorities remain marginalized politically, economically, and culturally. Zheng Bo worked with seven communities in Hong Kong to record songs that they are proud of, at locations where they usually congregate. The public installation, in the form of a giant megaphone, broadcasts songs of migrant workers and ethnic minorities in Tsim Sha Tsui, a major hub visited by thousands of tourists and locals everyday. It is also a karaoke system. Visitors are invited to sing along, learning songs from communities who are usually unheard.

O Ilaw by members of LIKHA and PIC Choir

Kebyar Kebyar by members of TCK Learning Centre for Migrant Workers

Dedication of Love by volunteers from Society for Community Organization of Hong Kong

Denied It by Chungking Expressive

Jeevan Ho by -Zero

Resham Firiri by members of SHINE Centre

Zara Zara by students of Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School