Weed Party

Shanghai and Taipei


This project investigates the relationship between plants and the political history of modern China.

Garden (Lane 62, Zhaojiabang Road), 2015. Weeds, tiles, bricks, window bars, ads, garbage, 297 x 543.5 x 100 cm.
An exact copy of a wall segment in central Shanghai waiting to be demolished.
Herbarium, 2015. Dried weeds and paper mulberry branch, dimensions variable.
Weed Party, 2015. Weeds, soil, mirrors, dimensions variable.
Trees (Marxists Internet Archive), 2015. LED panels and Arduino modules, 12 x 146 x 3.7 cm.
A computer program scans the Marxists Internet Archive, looking for sentences containing the word “tree.”
Movements, 2016. Ferns, planter, texts, dimensions variable.
Zheng Bo imagined ten future social movements in Taiwan and named them after local ferns.